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This form may require you to submit personal information that Keyera will only use for the purpose of assessing a potential future commercial relationship with you. By submitting the Supplier Registration Form, you acknowledge and consent to the collection, use or disclosure of any personal information provided therein. Any personal information collected shall be used, stored and disclosed in accordance with Keyera's privacy policies and applicable law.

Keyera will manage its supplier list at its discretion. Please be advised that Keyera is not obligated to provide you work or enter into a contractual relationship with you, even if you complete the Supplier Registration Form. Should a future opportunity arise and your capabilities match our business needs, a Supply Chain Representative will contact you for more information.

Note, fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields.

Company Information

GST number (CAN) or Tax ID (USA) - use numbers only, no sapces, dashes or letters
If applicable
Address and Postal Code
e.g. Alberta
e.g. CAN or USA
i.e. Indigenous Community ownership, Indigenous Joint-Venture Partnership, or Indigenous member ownership
or indicate “unaffiliated”
Company Contact Information*

Health & Safety Information

Keyera uses ISNetworld for safety pre-qualification of contractors providing medium and high risk services
Use only numbers, ex. 400123456

Legal Information

Relating to Keyera's facilities, which provinces/states are you registered to do business in?*
Jurisdiction of Incorporation
Format: KC-12345

Scope of Goods & Services

Keyera categorizes their suppliers by the type of goods or services they provide. Please review the categories and select all that apply to your work. 

Note, if you provide both goods and services, please select both categories.

Supplier Services

Civil Services
Corporate Services
Electrical, Instrumentation, Controls & Automation Services
Engineering Services
Logistical Services
Mechanical Services
Support Services

Supplier Goods

Corporate Materials
Fabrication & Equipment

Additional Information

Relative to Keyera's facilities, in what areas do you supply materials and services?*
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